About Us

About Us

''Poor Posture, Poor Diet, Poor Hydration, Poor Sleeping Patterns, Poor Movement Patterns, Stress, and lack of Exercise all contribute to magnifying your pain. Remove or modify these antagonists and see what happens''

Why we are different?

At Wexford Laser Therapy clinic we use a wide range of evidenced based treatments that consistently prove to quickly provide you relief from your pain,we offer not only laser therapy but a unique fusion of techniques to rejuvenate tissues,treat pain, lower inflammation, and improve healing times.For those suffering chronic pain i.e. longer than 6 months we can show you how you can take control of your pain using powerful self-hypnosis techniques

Treating the problem not the symptoms is our primary goal. The one size fits all approach to dealing with your pain is not what you will receive from us. Finding the root cause of your joint or muscle pain is unique to you and finding that elusive permanent solution to your problem requires a different approach, a break away from the conveyor system offered by conventional methods

Our short term goal will always be to rid you of your current pain, but our long term goal is to ensure you continue to stay pain free by helping you embrace the little lifestyle changes that can often make all the difference.

Welcome to Wexford Laser Therapy Clinic. We would love to help you so please contact us today!