Success Stories

Success Stories

2 years of back and hip pain gone in 2 sessions, I’m writing this 3 months after the sessions with Philip, so whatever was done looks likes its working. Would highly recommend.

Mag Sweeney Gorey

I was in need of a complete overhaul, aches and pains everywhere everyday felt like I was a 100 years old, had the most amazing massage ever, every inch of me was stretched left feeling 10 years younger. Admittedly it was very sore at the time but it was worth it. Now I go back every few months as a treat to myself, best thing I ever did.

Mary Malone Wexford Town

After a motorbike accident in 2014 I had a Brachial Plexus nerve damage and severe neck pain.Had to quit the bike as the weight of the helmet was too much for my neck. I went everywhere but nothing worked long term. I gave Philip a try was I admit a bit skeptical but have to say I was proved wrong. He gave me a lot of work to do at home between sessions but now I can say I’m pain free for the past 7 months touch wood it continues, would definitely say to anyone in pain give it a try.

Paul Kehoe Enniscorthy

I live in Gort Galway but heard about Philip from my brother who recommended him after treating his knees, I had severe lower back pain for years it got so bad I just had to stop playing Golf which is a passion of mine, it just wasn’t worth the pain I would suffer for the next few weeks. Whilst on holiday down in Wexford I had 4 sessions, the first 2 were very painful and the last 2 actually enjoyable. I was given a simple 5 minute a day routine that I now do religiously and my back is 100{357c1db393627c1a34bb1c7a80c91587fa4be906cf251ced55db60dd2e67dd24}. He even texted me everyday for the first 2 weeks to remind me to do the exercises,can’t ask for anymore than that I would definitely recommend.

John Creane  Galway

After the birth of my daughter I put on a lot of weight and back pain seemed to come with the weight gain. It got so bad some days I was like a cripple getting out of bed. I went the normal route of pain killers and anti inflammatory creams etc which worked for a while, then attended 3 different physios, nothing worked. I read about Laser Therapy and decided to give it a go and I’m not sorry. Philip explained in detail my problem as he saw it and told me straight out I needed to lose weight develop stability in my core and work daily on my back just like you daily look after your teeth. I do his 5 minute a day routine and I have no more pain. Pain is a great motivator. I got first class service and honesty if it wasn’t what i wanted to hear. He is now my go to person from now on if I’m ever in need.

Paula Kinsella Rosslare

Neck issues for years sorted after 3 sessions wish I had known about this years ago.

Dominic O’Brien  Ferrybank  Waterford

I go to Philip on a regular basis purely for the massage, the best ever, if there is a point in your body that’s causing pain trust me he’ll find it. 

Pat Murphy  Wexford